Technical Writing

Well-communicated ideas, plans and strategiesĀ are what earn a business new contracts, enable teams to collaborate, and foster project success. As a technical consultant, IĀ produce a spectrum of technical writing products that ensure every idea is clear and well-communicated. I specialize in translating “geek-speak” and niche-specific jargon into understandable language for cross-professional communication. My deep experience includes:

  • User Manuals and Training Materials
  • Government Contract Proposals (including Seaport-e)
  • Project Plans
  • Software Development Designs
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Process Documentation
  • Data Models (including Data Dictionaries and Entity Diagrams)
  • Technical Assessments
  • Risk Management Analyses and Matrices
  • Other contract deliverables

Pulling the great ideas of your team together into solid technical documentation will drive your business results to the next level.