iPhone Training

iPhone Training
iPhone Training

Have an awesome new iPhone but having a little trouble getting the hang of it? We will completely customize your session(s) for what YOU want to know, but sample topics include:

  • How to get around
  • Who is Siri and how can she help me?
  • Tricks to using a touch screen with accuracy
  • Backing up┬áto iCloud
  • Using iTunes and the iTunes Store
  • Making the best use of your storage
  • Downloading apps from the App Store
  • Popular free apps and games
  • Setting up and configuring email
  • Accessing the camera quickly
  • Calendars and how to share your calendar (or not)
  • Using your phone as a flashlight, alarm clock, calculator, kitchen timer, and other handy tools
  • Setting your “do not disturb” feature so you only receive important phone calls at night (and no other beeps, blips and bothers)
  • Searching your iPhone data
  • …and anything else you want to know!

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